The Space Salamander Chronicles! Part Five: Discovery

Sally reached the end of the hallway at the end of which was another door. She managed to open it up after fiddling with it and the tools on her tool-pack. It was very dark now, apparently the power was out throughout the station. Hardly surprising given nearly a century of disuse. The light from the sun barely penetrated in here. Sally reached into her pack and brought out a small sphere. She pressed a button and it immediately lit up, illuminating the hall and the room beyond the door. She let it go and it floated up to the ceiling. It kept pace with her as she entered the room beyond the door.

It was large. There were rows of human-sized tables on either side of the wall. Large dead touch screens covered nearly every surface. A few cabinets were open. Their contents were strewn across the floor. Old bandages. Hypodermic needles encased in old, yellowing, plastic. This was their med-bay.

At the end of the room were two rows of 2 large metal cabinets, one on either side of the wall. One of them still had power! Is it on it’s own circuit? The light-bot hurried after her as she zoomed toward the machine. Sally grabbed another instrument from her pack and began scanning the cabinet.

“Qwerty? Are you seeing this? It’s some kind of refrigeration unit and”-

“Why not just call it a refrigerator then?” interrupted Qwerty over the radio. In his robotic mind’s eye he could see what her helmut camera was looking at. The view moved from the cabinet to Sally’s scanner and back again. Qwerty wordlessly and wirelessly requested access to the scanner. Sally, in her own cyborgic mind, knew he was now monitoring it.

“Because, as you can probably figure out by now, my dear trash can, it’s not designed to hold food or medical supplies. Well, I suppose it was originally, but it’s been modified. And there are two, perhaps fully alive, 100 plus year old human beings in stasis inside.”