The Space Salamander Chronicles! Part Seven: Could Be Speciesist

Sally the genetically engineered salamander spent an hour or so modifying the ancient, makeshift, cryogenic, unit holding two relatively genetically un-modified human beings from another age. Qwerty the robot was the go-fer and assistant for much of that time, handing her tools, doing other repair and modification tasks, and getting more equipment and tools from the ship. Finally they attached grav units to the now disconnected machine and it was ready for transport.

The plan was to get it on the ship and take it to the nearest union station a few hundred million kilometers away. Then they’d wake up the two humans inside and help them build new lives, incidentally introducing them to a few historians, other scholars and scientists who, if the humans consented to it, would ask the humans any number of questions and subject them to countless tests.

Sally looked at Qwerty, “Ready?” she asked. He nodded and they both carefully rotated the (now floating) metal cabinet length-wise so as to more easily move it through the corridors on the way to their ship’s door.

“Oh wow!” said Sally. Despite all the work she had already put in she looked as if she were ready to start bouncing off the walls. “This is soooo cooooool! I can’t wait to meet them!”

“Could be speciesist,” Qwerty said as they both navigated the cabinet around hallway turn.

“Yeah, yeah. I know, but maybe not… or maybe not that bad,” she replied.

“Unmodified human beings are hard-wired for an us-versus-them mentality. It’s down to evolution.”

“Sure, sure,” dismissed Sally. She knew Qwerty was excited too, he just didn’t want her to be disappointed if, after they woke up, the ancient humans started treating the machines and non-human organisms that were caring for them as if they were simply appliances and animals.

They could see the docking bay of the station. Qwerty sent a mental-wireless command to their ship to open its doors.