How I Write In My Fiction Journal And Some Thoughts On The Creative Process

There’s this thing I’ve done on and off for the last half-decade or so. It’s one of the things that I’d like to add to a daily routine if I can get it together enough. For anywhere from 15 minutes to a half hour, I let my imagination go and write what I see in my head. I heard once that author Terry Pratchett wrote their* novels as if they were transcribing a movie that was playing in their head. (I tried to find the actual quote but couldn’t). That’s what I try to do. The less I use the part of my brain that decides and plans and the more I just let my imagination just do its thing without interference, the better.

Did you ever hear an author talk as if their characters had life of their own? I once hear that Mary Poppins author, Pamela Lyndon Travers, once said (again I can’t find the damned quote! :) ) that Mary Poppins just flew in from a window one day and into her stories. The public radio program, To The Best Of Our Knowledge has an episode devoted to the idea that the creative part of ourselves is also a separate, less conscious part of our minds. Animator Don Hertzfeldt spoke at length in an interview (in two parts) about how they thought of their creative process being largely out of their control and they relate this idea to free will experiments.

This is the thing I’m trying to tap into when I do anything “creative”. Now that I think of it, that’s probably more stuff than just writing and drawing. I should try to tap into that with more stuff than that.

*Yes I’m using they as singular and I have no intention of stopping. :)

To Boldy Flee

Years after, became an internet sensation, I’ve finally discovered The Nostalgia Critic. I’d seen the popular Plinket Star Wars Reviews but had no idea how many people were doing the video pop culture criticism thing. The Critic (he’s often referred to this way) has links to a whole host of reviewers that he works with. I especially like the Chez Apocalypse folks. A kind of offshoot from the Nostalgia Critic’s universe of reviewers.

So I started going through the Nostalgia Critic archives and found this thing. To Boldly Flee, it was in 8 parts (do a ctrl-f, you’ll see them :) ). I had a vague idea that this was some kind of low-budget movie but, for whatever reason, I had the notion that it wouldn’t be any good and it took me a few months to actually watch it.

I found it genuinely entertaining. If these guys made another movie like this, I’d watch the hell out of it. It is low budget, but funny. It parodies several nerd-favorite nostalgic movies (star wars, star trek, ghost busters, even Flight of the Navigator). Do yourself a favor and watch it. It beats the hell out of most of those million-dollar-budget movies Hollywood spurts out every summer.