The Space Salamander Chronicles! Part One: The Space Station

Sally Salamander looked out the main window. She could just see it in the distance.

“Coming up!” said Qwerty. As he spoke, he lifted up his multiple appendages in unison, as if he were a conductor about to get a symphony started. Instead, the boxy robot turned to Sally in enthusiasm.

She smiled. “I see it.” Qwerty got back to work, packing what they might need for the trip inside. They weren’t sure what to expect when they got on board and needed to be prepared.

It was getting closer. Ugh, the damn thing was spinning. “Looks like we gotta match it,” she said as she hit a button on a control screen, which brought up the image of the space station they were approaching. She tapped on it and selected “match rotation”.

Slowly the stars began to circle around them. When she was younger this might’ve made her queasy, but she upgraded out of that particular flaw as soon as she was able to afford it. Still, it wasn’t exactly pleasant.

Their ship’s systems can automatically approach and dock with damn near anything, but it wasn’t in Sally’s nature to disengage. Her slightly translucent eyes were intensely focused. Every few seconds they flicked to a screen, then to some other light or indicator, then back to the main window.

After a few minutes the low sound of the ship latching onto an old docking station surrounded them for an instant. Then all they heard were the ship’s systems.

Qwerty shut the last of his open body compartments. “I think I’ve got all we’ll need,” he said.

Sally nodded. She already had her suit on. She tied up her hair, put her cap on, then grabbed her gun and helmut before pushing herself to float toward the air lock. “Let’s go.”